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Engineering creativity

      & imagination


When your client comments on how beautiful the lighting looks or how clear and impactful the audio sounded or when they’re astounded at how amazing their people look on the giant video screen.  When they can’t explain it but they love the way walking into space just feels right.  We can have you feeling that way by providing your event with the technology you need.


Enter Dreamvisible.  A high-end technical production company.


We bring your concepts & design to life by integrating all things technical including Lighting.  Audio.  Video.  Staging.  Rigging.  Scenery.  Special Effects.  And Imagination.


A well-designed event looks to technical production to help create the experience of those special moments and deepen engagement with your guests in a more powerful relationship with your event’s purpose.


Dream with us.  Dream Big.  DreamVisible.



Whether for a Producer, Promoter, Corporate Planner, Event Planner or private individual we can manage any or all of the technical requirements of your live event.


We will advance and assist in planning your event with you including detailed needs such as technical drawings, coordinating equipment, technical staff, obtaining permits and budgeting.


DreamVisible, LLC. will oversee the big picture of your event while addressing all of the small details - providing technical direction, production management, show management, audio, lighting design, rigging, video screens, cameras, pyrotechnics, staging, scenic construction and solving those "out of the ordinary" requests.

Permanent Installations

Venue operators often desire to build a permanently installed production system into their space.  This is particularly useful in landmarked spaces or in buildings where access to riggable locations is challenging. 


We specialize in designing permanently installed systems with a forte for landmark buildings.  Our eye for design and technological experience meld both beauty and practical within the event venue....capturing the atmosphere while concealing the technology required to produce it.


Installations can be completed alongside construction teams working in tandem with your General Contractor or as an independent installation managed entirely by DreamVisible, LLC.

Venue Technical Management

Event venues that have chosen permanently installed systems require management of the technology in-house.  This may include: staffing, technical event management, supplemental equipment, event advance, coordination, budgeting & maintenance. 


DreamVisible, LLC. can free up venue operators & event management to focus on sales, catering, design and the other day-to-day operations of running a successful event space.  We can take manage all of the technical needs.


We will oversee your technical staff, equipment management & show implementation.  Your guests will leave knowing it has been outfitted with best equipment and the most professional staff of technicians.

Drawings &

3D Scanning

ArchArchitectural drawings combined with entertainment technical elements & scenic fabrication create the roadmap for any event creation. High quality, accurate drawings are required for an efficient and seamless installation.

3D Scanning & Drawings take the design process to a new level. Coordination of all the technical  & staging elements are determined on paper (without crews waiting) and take illustration to a much higher level of precision. Often the result is used in conjunction with AR/VR.



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